Medical tourism

Medical tourism

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Introduction of Salamat Rahavard Hasti Co.

Salamat Rahavard Hasti Co. is proud to be one of the first companies in the tourism and health sector in Shiraz, it has taken a step in the field of health tourism with the best and strongest medical and tourism team.

The member of the board of directors of this company have consisted of the most professional people in the field of medicine and tourism and they are trying to present one of the best brands of health tourism in the international sector.

-Services have been presented by the company are as follows:

-Health service-tourism-visa-reserve hotel-ticket-tour guide-internal city transfer services in the best and most fascinating historical city-cultural and religious of Iran.

-Specialty in all surgical procedures, Clinical and Paraclinical treatment by the most prominent physicians and surgeons in the Middle East and professors of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences with over 150 doctors and specialist.

Salamat Rahavard Hasti Co. is the best and most equipped clinics - hospitals - experienced medical centers and medical centers ply to improve and maintain the health of your loved ones.



Medical Services:

1)      Ophthalmology (eye)

2)      Cardiology

3)      Orthopedic

4)      Plastic &Aesthetic

5)      Oncology (Cancer)

6)      Neuro Surgery

7)      Pediatric (children)

8)      Fertility

9)      Dentistry

10)   Maxilla Facial Surgery

11)   General Surgery

12)   GYN 

13)   Urology

14)   ENT 

15)   Hair Transplant

16)   Health Checkup

17)   Loss of Weight